Do You Love Me

First off, the video…

Co-produced by Bait & Tackle and Production Blue with Chad Carlberg and Sten Bowen co-directing and Emile Doucette as Technical Director. See all credits at the Guster channel on Vimeo (see below).

We originally made this hereĀ Guster Channel to show off our work for Universal Music in order to get the job. Since it’s there, we’re leaving it, and will continue to update it through time to include some sort of making-of video and a director’s cut of the video which isn’t really true because you have seen the director’s cut – what we did is what I wanted to do. But there were other takes, other ideas that were scrapped (see below), things we shot to prove how ridiculous our approach was (see below that). Many of these things will be included.

Frame 168

In our effort to keep this video as lo-fi/analog as possible in order to resist using the shortcuts of the digital moment we hand-painted every frame of animation. Jon Sarkin created the start and finish looks and we painted. Here is an example of one frame of the “in came the fascination” sequence of 174 frames. After all the photography, alignment and color-correction, this little three second clip in the video took around 30 minutes for one person to complete one frame.


We spent our second week after shooting working on this sequence. It was going to be integrated with the whole video. Back and forth between cuts. It’s awesome. A cool idea. But it didn’t help improve anything so we bagged it after a week. But some good things came out of this, nonetheless.

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